WELCOME TO NutritiveZ™

NutritiveZ™ 100% New Zealand Made Health Supplements

NutrititveZ™ New Zealand offers premium-grade health products exclusively.

NutrititveZ™ proudly warrants products quality which is certified by independent ISO17025 lab reports and/or
world’s leading specialist raw ingredient producers.

We provide the most superior and credible NZ-made health products that deliver strong efficacies to meet the expectation of discerning customers.

FUNCTIONAL health products will deliver the expected health benefit
when and only when the active ingredients are potent (quality) and adequate (quantity).


NutritiveZ™ warrants the nutritive value of all active ingredients - certified by independent ISO17025 lab or world’s leading raw ingredient producers.

How do we do that?

✓ Ingredients From Expert Producers Only

Each of our premium-grade active ingredients is sourced from a leading specialist producer of the category – not from mass production factories which offer the lowest price.

✓ Ingredients From Credible Countries Only

ALL our active ingredients come from the most credible producers in NZ and other trustworthy countries that strictly implement health and safety laws. We pay extra attention to the country of origin of the raw materials,
not only considering where the ingredients are manufactured.

✓ Hi-tech Processing Method

Our superb bioactive ingredients are processed using advanced new technologies (e.g. freeze-dry, CPO® - Compressible Powdered Oils)
so that their potency is maximised & protected.


NutritiveZ™ is the only health product brand that fully discloses and warrants the exact amount of each active ingredient in products.

How do we do that?

✓ Professional Formulation

Our team references published works from leading nutritional experts and latest research findings to formulate our products to ensure that the daily dose will deliver the expected health benefits.

✓ 100% Purity

No filler, cheap irrelevant ingredient or preservative is added to our products.
Simply put - we have nothing to hide from customers!

✓ GMP Manufacturing

Our health supplement products are produced by ,
a GMP manufacturer in New Zealand that has won the
Natural Health Products Supplier of the Year awards for 2018, 2019 & 2021.

In most countries, the safety related legislations of health food & supplements are not as stringent as that of medicines. Only microbial limits are tested.

All manufacturers claim “good” product quality but most fail to show any documents to “prove” their claims.


NutritiveZ™ is the only health product brand that
meets the stringent safety standards of proprietary medicines.
Product safety is our priority.

How do we do that?

✓ Proprietary-medicine-standard testing on every batch of production

Each batch of our health supplements is tested
in an independent ISO17025 lab
and must pass the safety standards of proprietary medicines.

Our stringent safety tests include the following.
heavy metals & toxic elements
lead ● cadmium ● arsenic ● mercury
microbial limits
aerobic bacteria ● mould and yeast ● Escherichia coli ● salmonella species
organochlorine pesticide residue
20 types such as Aldrin, Chlordane, p.p’- DDT, p.p’- DDE, Endrin, etc



NutritiveZ™ is the only health product brand that
fully discloses the exact quality each active ingredient in products
and offers product authentication online.

How do we do that?

✓ Anti-Counterfeit Sealed Packaging

Our health supplements are packed in boxes sealed by a tamper-proof sticker and bottle lids also use a tamper-proof seal.
Do not accept the product if the seal is tampered.

✓ QR Code Scanning

Scan the unique individual QR code on your NutritiveZ product
to authenticate your purchase and view the following documents of proof.
product composition certificate
quality of ingredients report
product safety report
Country of Origin – New Zealand
Export Certificates issued by NZ Government


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