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Altrive Superior Red Deer Species


At Altrive®, the red deer are a mix of English origin (E.g. Cervus Elaphus elaphus / scoticus) & Eastern European origin (E.g. Cervus Elaphus hippelaphus) which is proven to produce velvet with the highest nutrition content.

Tests conducted by independent ISO17025 lab show that Altrive® deer velvet has superior quality - high in 'AMINO ACIDS’ (total & essential) & low in ‘ASH’ content.

Deer Velvet Standard Amino
Moisture Ash Content
New Zealand - Altrive ‘Big Bulb’ Deer Velvet Standard > 57% < 6% < 32%
Jilin Province, China - Sika Velvet Provincial Standard - ≤ 16% ≤ 45%
Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standard – Sika Velvet - ≤ 14% ≤ 37%
Chinese Materia Medica Grand Dictionary (China) - Sika Velvet Max. 50.13% - -

1 Total Amino Acids (DM = Dry Matter)


  • Red deer in China and Mongolia is Manchurian wapiti (Cervus Canadensis Xanthopygus) native to SE Siberia and north Asia.
  • The common species of red deer in North America is Cervus Canadensis (named elk or wapiti).
  • NZ Altrive® red deer (Cervus Elaphus elaphus .s .hippelaphus) has velvet with far superior nutrition levels (it is very different to the above two species!).
Altrive® Red Deer, New Zealand Manchurian Wapiti, China Cervus Canadensis, America
Altrive Deer Breeding Advantage


Altrive® Red Deer Farm has been documenting DNA genealogy for all Altrive® deer since 2008, in order to promote strong & proven bloodlines.

Altrive's own award winning stags with superb DNA traits are used to breed. Altrive® hind pedigree linked to award winning Altrive® stag has been carefully selected for breeding to ensure that their offspring will produce outstanding velvet.

The goal is to raise the healthiest deer that in turn produce the strongest, most nutrient rich deer velvet. Altrive® always increases the velvet weights year on year while maintaining very correct velvet style - a big wide round beam, correct tyne placement and a stylish big bulb.

No genetic engineering is ever done to Altrive® deer.


  • NutritiveZ™ deer velvet supplements are made with velvet from Altrive® lineage deer.
  • NutritiveZ™ is the only brand in the market that guarantees the nutrition values of the deer velvet used in capsules.